Spark is a Success Based Education platform having students participate in high-performance training programs at no upfront cost.

Spark redefines the process of obtaining a new skill without upfront payments or loans.

Learning a new profession at a great school. Finding a job. Starting work. Paying for education as a percentage of salary. Exactly in this order! 

This is a long term partnership between the student, the training institution, and Spark, creating a win-win-win situation. 

HOW IT WORKS: An Exceptional Job Without the Financial Hurdle


Training Success Analysis

Utilizing technical and analytical tools to evaluate and locate superior training programs.



Guiding applicants through a simple enrollment with no upfront costs.


Success based repayment

Repaying training costs start only once students are working and getting paid.

Creating a Solution While Driving Innovation

Spark eliminates the financial barrier for thousands of individuals from obtaining an education and professional expertise, totally disrupting the traditional path of education.

Who Will Benefit:

Training institutions, individuals, and Investors

  • Training Institutions: Quality-driven education and training facilities promoting diversity while filling classes and increasing registration.

  • Students: Individuals striving to reach high-performing programs.

  • Investors: Harnessing the potential of SBE (Success Based Education) to create both financial and social ROI