Spark is a Success Based Education platform having students participate in high-performance training programs at no upfront cost.

Spark redefines the process of obtaining a new skill without upfront payments or loans.

Learning a new profession at a great school. Finding a job. Starting work. Paying for education as a percentage of salary. Exactly in this order! 

This is a long term partnership between the student, the training institution, and Spark, creating a win-win-win situation. 

HOW IT WORKS: An Exceptional Job Without the Financial Hurdle


Training Success Analysis

Utilizing technical and analytical tools to evaluate and locate superior training programs.



Guiding applicants through a simple enrollment with no upfront costs.


Success based repayment

Repaying training costs start only once students are working and getting paid.

Creating a Solution While Driving Innovation

Spark eliminates the financial barrier for thousands of individuals from obtaining an education and professional expertise, totally disrupting the traditional path of education.

Who Will Benefit:

Training institutions, individuals, and Investors

  • Training Institutions: Quality-driven education and training facilities promoting diversity while filling classes and increasing registration.

  • Students: Individuals striving to reach high-performing programs.

  • Investors: Harnessing the potential of SBE (Success Based Education) to create both financial and social ROI

Spark’s Team:

Understanding the value of market-driven needs and technology

Today’s market of education and training has yet to close the barrier of cost and accessibility for qualified individuals. 

The revolutionary idea for closing this gap through SBE is brought forward by a team of entrepreneurs with a track record in finance, training, academics, engineering, and development to harness their skills and experience to actualize this opportunity and market needs.

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